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If you don’t have working experience and volunteering before and looking for the travel in Asia especially in the country of Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world, NEPAL, please join to us. We provide quality volunteering opportunities at the numerous community development sectors of Nepal.

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Hy there, 
My name is Jochen Gotz. I am 25 years old student of the University of...

My name is Stephanie Riecker, I am a 23 years old student from Germany and I absolved 2 months...

Hello dear Surya and Nara, 
Now I want to send you my nice mail about my...

After having spent all days living with a host family near, Chitwan. Nepal and working at the...


Volunteers' Feedbacks

Jochen Gotz

Hy there, 
My name is Jochen Gotz. I am 25 years old student of the University of Heidelberg. My subjects are Ethnology and Geography and for the purpose of my students, I decided to join this time (I visited Nepal several times before) a project of FORD-NEPAL.
The project was a preparation for the Eco-Village program in which a PLASTIC and GLASS recycling system should be established, as well for providing some training for the local people in topics of organic farming, pesticide uses etc …… My job was to evaluate the data from the people that mean I would from house to house and interviewed newly whole Mangalpur-7, where the survey took place.
Daring the survey I got the best support I could imagine from Surya and Saam dui who were always around me and helped me to improve my Nepali and translated if I got comprehensive problems.
The time in which we had to complete was very short (only one month) and that’s why we all stood under the pressure of our own expectations! (And we made it!! The results of the survey followed 3 month later).
Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time left to join the family, the Pariyars are the lovely host family you could imagine, in their daily work, but I had such a good time with all of them that I am still missing them a lot!
In my leisure time FORD-Nepal provided a visit to the Royal Chitwan National Park, where we rode on an elephant through the jungle and had a very pleasant stay.
I think to say thanks for everything’s! I got an awesome time and can recommend joining FORD-Nepal. It is the best way to learn some thing about the Nepali culture (cause you become a part of it)! Anything else is right seeing! Have a nice time with my very best regards…
Jochen Gotz (Shah Rukh Khan) Germany,

Stephanie Riecker

My name is Stephanie Riecker, I am a 23 years old student from Germany and I absolved 2 months in the “monastery-renovation project” with FORD-NEPAL in Mangalpur-7, Chitwan. I stayed in this little village with my host family not far away from the Buddhist “Gomba”. Where, I was working.
There, I did renovation on picture inside as well as (and that was the main part of my work) at the Stupa outside. As there was also a new “Lama” in Mangalpur, who built a new little two rooms, I also painted these from outside.
After I painted the big areas as the Stupa gold and white again, most of my time I was busy with very detailed renovation on the “Thanka” like pictures showing different Buddha on the Stupa.
This took me a long time and I had to work very concentrated, as it was re-painting the colors and lines as well as creating (especially the background) a little bit new with my possibilities.
To do the painting, I had to organize and buy my needed goods as there where different paints and color, brushes, chemicals etc.
These things are all not very expensive all easily available in small amounts which was ideal for my purpose. As I experienced it is just a great job. Sitting underneath prayer-flags in the sun on the “Gundri” and do painting in this beautiful environment, some where in Nepal, where everybody was interested and the people appreciated what I did (especially the new “lama” and the Buddhist community in Rampur). Once of both, Surya and Shree Ram Pariyar (members of my most lovely host family ever and my main persons to turn to of “FORD-NEPAL” in one) has been with me most of the time and helped me at any time!
They where incredibly cooperative and I was as flexible and free as possible in my decisions, way and also spend of working.
So as a conclusion I must say that I really loved it. The whole time and can warmly recommend t join a little project like this. You have to be and work very independently and know already a little bit about how to paint, mix colors etc. But then it is a wonderful and awesome job to do from which you can learn a lot and at the same time help to substitute a small monastery like the one in Rampur.
With my very best regards,
Stephanie Riecker “Aasha” Germany, 

Laura Retsch

Hello dear Surya and Nara, 
Now I want to send you my nice mail about my experiences with you but please don't aspect anything special.
When I arrived in the village where I should do my two weeks volunteer service I had no idea what expected me. So I had to get used to the Nepali living style and after some time I really liked it. All people in the village were very friendly and welcomed me open-hearted. Now I was part of my family and of the village. My project was in its beginning and so we asked the people of the village about their use of plastics and chemical fertilizers to find out about the best way to start the program to conserve the environment. Sometimes I had a language problem because I don't speak Nepali but there was always a solution to solve it. So we made the form also in roman Nepali that I could ask the people in their own language. Still, some people didn't understand me what made me a bit sad because I wondered if my pronunciation was so bad. Anyway, I really enjoyed the time in the village and I have the feeling that I found some new friends in the people of the organization.
Laura Retsch, (Sabina), Germany, 

Olivia Fakoussa

After having spent all days living with a host family near, Chitwan. Nepal and working at the orphanage. There I can truly say I am more than to have had such as amazing opportunity!
Besides meeting some the Nepalese people (who impressed me beyond words with their kindness, generosity, love for life and great sprit) for the first time, I also felt like I learnt more about Nepal in these last days. Than I did in all the previous weeks here put together! Helping at the orphanage wasn’t like work at all, but an immensely satisfying experience full of laughter and fun! I love each and every one of those kids. They were just brilliant to be around and like everyone else so generous!!
I am very happy; I took part in just program would recommend it to any one else, and thank you all for making it possible for me!!
Olivia Fakoussa “Neha” England/ Germany,