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Welcome to Ford Nepal

If you don’t have working experience and volunteering before and looking for the travel in Asia especially in the country of Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world, NEPAL, please join to us. We provide quality volunteering opportunities at the numerous community development sectors of Nepal.

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My name is Jochen Gotz. I am 25 years old student of the University of...

My name is Stephanie Riecker, I am a 23 years old student from Germany and I absolved 2 months...

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Now I want to send you my nice mail about my...

After having spent all days living with a host family near, Chitwan. Nepal and working at the...



FORDNEPAL volunteer can join more than two-dozen of orphanages located in many parts of Nepal. Volunteers have opportunity to help lower caste orphans and politically conflicted children by providing educational trainings and other indispensable services to them. Besides these, one can support in cleaning, kitchen work, and playing, preparing homework for the orphans in orphanages and child care centers. The age of the children ranges from 4-13 years.

Volunteer can involve in both residential and non-residential orphanages. In residential orphanages, volunteers stay with children but in non-residential orphanages, volunteers are placed in a host family near by the orphanages. Volunteers should work 6 days a week in both types of orphanages but one can have day off in cooperation with the coordinator.

It is recommended that you should bring some clothes and other sports or useful materials for the kids.

For more details of orphanages and location,
please,contact us at: