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If you don’t have working experience and volunteering before and looking for the travel in Asia especially in the country of Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world, NEPAL, please join to us. We provide quality volunteering opportunities at the numerous community development sectors of Nepal.

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Thank you for supporting Nesing Families

Nesing Village Support at Rasuwa

Dear all,
First of all I would like to heartily thank you once again for our families, relatives, friends, volunteers and Nepal friends, who love and care us from Germany, Italy, UK, Scotland, France, Spain and other parts of the world. We are deeply touched by your support, since this relief campaign would not have been possible without your donations. You are great! I, including my FORD-Nepal team and all the people of NE SING (RASUWA-DHUNCHE) want to say DHANYABAD (Thank you).

FORD-Nepal would also like to say thank you for your contribution, those of you who spread the news of our earth quake relief campaign and forwarded our request for donations to your friends, family and colleagues. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for those of you who are not on our email list yet, to subscribe to our email-newsletter by sending an email with the header, subscribe Nepal information to OR Of course you can unsubscribe any time by sending us another email.

Our earthquake relief team has just returned from the first relief campaign to HAKU V.D.C.-1, NE SING, district RASUWA in the beginning of this week. Thus we have now first-hand information and we would like to take this as an opportunity to update about the campaign, the situation in the region and further relief activities.

The village of NE SING comprises 2 settlements with all together 71 houses (total population of approx. 320 people), which are located on the surrounding slopes and hilltops. There are ONE bigger settlements with 55 houses each and ONE smaller settlements with 16 houses respectively.

During the first earthquake on April 25th nearly all houses become uninhabitable, approx. 65 houses were completely destroyed and collapsed in a way leaving them as to tear down completely. Thus, rebuilding them is the only option left for the villagers. About 11 houses were partly damaged and the remaining houses showed cracks on the walls (see also pictures below). However after the second earthquake last week on 12th of May, which hit the country measuring 7. 2 on the Richter scale, with the epicenter located east of this region, near the Mount Everest, those houses also collapsed. Most of the villagers live now in temporarily constructed shelters and tents made of plastic sheets.

Unfortunately, TWO people have lost their lives during the first quake as they were not able to escape fast enough from the collapsing buildings. Around 10 people were injured, being trapped in or hit by collapsing building structures, since most animals were housed in stables next to the houses or in the ground floors of the houses or tied down next to the buildings.

Luckily the second strong earthquake did not claim human loss, as most of the villagers could not use their houses anymore and thus living outside in shelters built rather on an open field.

During the first relief campaign, food (rice, oil, lentils, beaten rice, pop-rice, spices, noodles, salt, biscuits etc.) water purifying tablets and hygiene article as soap were distributed in the TWO settlements of NE SING. People are suffering food shortages as most of their stocks were buried in the rumble of their collapsed houses and/or were destroyed by the rains and thunderstorms which followed the earthquake. Blankets and plastic sheet, which were originally planned to be delivered to the village, have not been bought, following communication with the villagers, as more of them were not needed anymore. Water- and weatherproofed tent material (tarpaulin), which was also planned to be brought to NE SING with the first lot of relief materials, was due to increased demand even in KATHMANDU not available on the market. Additionally, villages received emergency medication against fever, diarrhea, headache, cold, injuries etc. as well as first aid kits with bandages after consultation with HEALTH POST from DHUNCHE. Who had accompanied GOVERNMENT OF Nepal.

What´s next?
Since there was another big quake hit on 12.05.2015 @ 7.2 Richter scale magnitudes together with several small quakes during the last weeks, the cracked and half damaged houses in NE SING have been collapsed. During the next week, further relief materials will be brought to these TWO settlements and additionally to another neighboring village; HAKU V.D.C.-1, NE SING, district RASUWA with 45 families, which is 5 hours walking distance from NE SING (currently, it can only be reached by foot), which has received rare emergency relief yet are planned. After the relief campaigns, we are planning to support the re-building of NE SING by providing construction materials like roof materials (tin), bamboo for temporary shelters and houses and volunteers to support the building process in near future. Since the monsoon is starting very soon, villagers are in need of more stable shelters or they call these temporary stable shelter as "Cottage" to encouraging themselves for hope.

Additionally, there is another relief campaign (BUILDING TEMPORARY HOUSE) in Baluwapati, Deupur-5, Halete, district Kavre Palanchowk/ Sindhupalchowk has planned, where the relief materials will be brought to these remote villages NEXT MONTH. More details about this relief campaign will be posted soon. While we contributed first food relief materials last week, we I could not stop tears coming out from my eyes. I felt very sorry for the villagers living in this extreme difficult situation.

We will definitely keep you updated!
Namaste and greetings from Nepal.
Surya and FORD-Nepal Team
Photo courtesy: Surya Pariyar)
Overview of the village HAKU V.D.C.-1, NE SING, district RASUWA with its two settlements, photos taken before the second earthquake on May 12th 2015.