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Best way to learn some thing about the Nepali culture

Hy there, 

My name is Jochen Gotz. I am 25 years old student of the University of Heidelberg. My subjects are Ethnology and Geography and for the purpose of my students, I decided to join this time (I visited Nepal several times before) a project of FORD-NEPAL.

The project was a preparation for the Eco-Village program in which a PLASTIC and GLASS recycling system should be established, as well for providing some training for the local people in topics of organic farming, pesticide uses etc …… My job was to evaluate the data from the people that mean I would from house to house and interviewed newly whole Mangalpur-7, where the survey took place.

Daring the survey I got the best support I could imagine from Surya and Saam dui who were always around me and helped me to improve my Nepali and translated if I got comprehensive problems.

The time in which we had to complete was very short (only one month) and that’s why we all stood under the pressure of our own expectations! (And we made it!! The results of the survey followed 3 month later).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time left to join the family, the Pariyars are the lovely host family you could imagine, in their daily work, but I had such a good time with all of them that I am still missing them a lot!

In my leisure time FORD-Nepal provided a visit to the Royal Chitwan National Park, where we rode on an elephant through the jungle and had a very pleasant stay.

I think to say thanks for everything’s! I got an awesome time and can recommend joining FORD-Nepal. It is the best way to learn some thing about the Nepali culture (cause you become a part of it)! Anything else is right seeing! Have a nice time with my very best regards…

Jochen Gotz (Shah Rukh Khan) Germany,

Jochen Gotz

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