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I really enjoyed the time in the village

Hello dear Surya and Nara, 

Now I want to send you my nice mail about my experiences with you but please don't aspect anything special.

When I arrived in the village where I should do my two weeks volunteer service I had no idea what expected me. So I had to get used to the Nepali living style and after some time I really liked it. All people in the village were very friendly and welcomed me open-hearted. Now I was part of my family and of the village. My project was in its beginning and so we asked the people of the village about their use of plastics and chemical fertilizers to find out about the best way to start the program to conserve the environment. Sometimes I had a language problem because I don't speak Nepali but there was always a solution to solve it. So we made the form also in roman Nepali that I could ask the people in their own language. Still, some people didn't understand me what made me a bit sad because I wondered if my pronunciation was so bad. Anyway, I really enjoyed the time in the village and I have the feeling that I found some new friends in the people of the organization.

Laura Retsch, (Sabina), Germany, 

Laura Retsch

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