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Monastery Renovation

Nepal is not only known for her natural beauty also the birthplace of "The light of Asia" Siddarth Gautam Buddha. Buddha is the symbol of peace and there thousands of Monasteries in this Himalayan kingdom. Besides these, still the country is nominated its world heritage sites as peace stupas and religious temples. This project includes the renovation of Buddhist Monasteries and resting places (chautaras) in various parts of the country.

The Monastery Renovation Project (MRP) help to conserve her peace stupas and spread peace and wisdom where it is must at this moment.

Volunteers are involved in painting, re-construction, roofing, woodworks, stonework, gardening, plantation etc. Not only this, volunteers study the rural life of the Buddhist communities and the Buddhist culture.

It is two weeks program and organized every fortnight of the month except July and August. The number of participants should be at least three. The volunteers will work with either Monks or local participants. There are about 14 Monasteries available in hand for the renovation in different locations of the Hindu kingdom.

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