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School Renovation Program

Nature of Work:

School renovation: Volunteers are involved in painting, art, re-construction, roofing, woodworks, stonework, gardening, plantation, single class room etc.

Food and accommodation:

Accommodation will be provided at host families. Nepalese food will include Daal (Lentil/ pea/ bean soup), Bhaat (Cooked Rice), Tarkaari (Cooked Vegetable), the same as Nepalese people eat every day. The host family or the camp leader will try to prepare some different food as much as they can. Please, do not expect the luxurious accommodation and facilities there since the project location is in remote areas of western Nepal.


Seasonal clothing, footwear (flip-flops, sandals, shoes, trekking shoes or boots – depending on work area and season), Working gloves, basic first aid kit, torch (incase if there is no electricity in the rural areas), any medication for you, sleeping bag, mosquito net, Toiletries and 3 passport photos are recommended to take with you. (Cost: 370 Euro, due to additional transportation plus increased gasoline price and organization cost since it is located at remote area). But you can have a closer view of Himalaya and trek around the villages.



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